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Introducing the RG Bar Investment Group

The influence of Western financial institutions runs through nearly every imaginable landscape and icon of frontier folklore: the California Gold Rush, the Pony Express, the transcontinental railroad, the Civil War, and the Indian wars. From the Great Plains to the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean, the West’s financial operations embraced almost all social, cultural, and economic activities west of the Mississippi.

Until recently, Western firms justifiably dominated the financial landscape, having earned a trust based on demonstrable concern for clients. Firms like Wells Fargo, Sutro & Co. and Dean Witter made Montgomery Street the “Wall Street of the West.” Bankers like Darius Ogden Mills, who founded the Bank of California and then personally guaranteed its assets after an old-fashioned run on the bank, and Los Angeles’s first banker, Isaias W. Hellman, assured that those traditions made their way all the way down the coast.

The RG Investment Group (pronounced RG Bar) was founded as a throwback to these Old West values of trust, honor and courage.

RG works with clients to define their financial dreams and address what is really important to each individual or institution. We work with executives of public and private companies, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, scientists and engineers to incorporate an integrated approach to help ensure that their business, personal and family goals receive the attention they deserve.

Our goal is to be faithful stewards of your hopes and dreams; it is our expectation that no one who does not share your last name will ever care more about your financial wellbeing than we will.



We put tremendous resources and effort into finding the right people for the right jobs, and we emphasize teamwork in everything we do.  

Financial Advisor, Managing Director
Chad T. Brown

Broker Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor
Aegis Capital

Custody and Clearing

RBC Clearing & Custody

Investment Banking*

Goldman Sachs


  • A strategic partnership arrangement that aligns the interests of member firms with our clients

  • A complete offering of financial services for the affluent

  • A team-wide commitment to excellence and our clients’ wellbeing

*All entities are separate and not affiliated with Aegis Capital Corp.

** Lending and other banking services are available through Goldman Sachs Bank, USA.  All loans and lines of credit are subject to credit approval, verification and collateral evaluation.  Initial credit decision is subject to your meeting specific underwriting requirements, and final approval will be based upon your satisfying these requirements.  Certain restrictions apply.  Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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